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"Play Date"?

By Carri · October 6, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

What exactly is a "play date"? To me, it seems like a fancy way of saying, "Come on over so we can hang out while the kids wear each other out!"

Blake and I hosted our first "play date" just a couple of weeks ago and I think it was pretty successful. I do not, however, see how it was any different than my husband and I inviting a couple and their child to dinner. What makes a successful play date? For one, she brought vodka and Sprite (Tami, seriously... if you're reading this, you're invited over any time). Her husband watched the kids while she and I cooked hamburgers and talked crazy mom stuff, which was nice. We have horse property and it's easy to lose a child if you're not paying attention and sometimes I just want to cook and talk crazy mom stuff.

The kids got along great and Dean seemed to enjoy his first real taste of dirt (literally and figuratively). Blake even shared his banana! I think that is toddler speak for, "You're pretty cool."

I'm just now noticing how hard it is to find another mom that I get along with. It's not that we wouldn't get along without the kids; it's just that some moms are nuts. Seriously. I met this mom (late 20s, first child) who is way too crazy for my liking. She follows her kid EVERYWHERE and watches his every move. How is a child supposed to build self esteem and develop a sense of worth with a mom like that?

Then there's the mom who lets their "angel" get away with murder. OK, not really murder, but you know what I'm saying. It's like you have to police their child because they really don't care.

I'm more on the laid back side. I'm not running for Blake at every trip but I'm not ignoring him, either. If he wants to run off and play, good. I just watch him from the sidelines and make sure he's not getting into trouble (which is frequent). Sometimes I just want to have my fun, and this is why "Ga Ga" frequently accompanies us and acts as the free nanny. He bugged me so long for grandkids that it's only fair, right?


Someone loves dirt.

Blake and Ga Ga at the parade

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i love the dirt photo, it is a great one!

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